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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sarah the Succubus

Sarah Portenson set up the Who is AV site as a trap. We fell into it. As soon as a site called Altus Veritas was implicated on WhoisAV, our investigations of the new site triggered a fake hacking attempt that replaced both sites with a single page. This decoy allowed "Cutie Pie" to lead Jochen Peiper into hiding, having fooled him into believing that we had hacked the site. The question is not now, who is AV, but where is Jochen Peiper?

Sarah no longer feels obliged to hide her real identity, when challenged over this callous manipulation, her response was:

"Nice try. Jochen won't be checking his email anytime soon. He knows about all of you. I showed him the logs. I also showed him the private messages you sent to each other on He knows you, tipsila, meredith, and others are witches working for AV. He won't put himself at risk by letting his eyes gaze upon your emails or IMs. You lost. Get over it. Get on with your pathetic lives. In 2 weeks none of this will fucking matter anyway.

Naamah XI

P.S. Banana you move too slowly. You don't know what you're missing ;)"


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