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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Jochen Peiper's Dream

[23:29] docjpjr: Ok I will mix one more drink and tell you
[23:29] theangrybanana: ok, only if you feel comfortable
[23:30] docjpjr: I think you will believe I am crazy
[23:30] theangrybanana: no, not at all
[23:31] docjpjr: There is a room where everything is black
[23:31] docjpjr: the bed is black, the furniture is black, the carpet, the walls, everything
[23:32] docjpjr: There are people facing the bed
[23:32] docjpjr: they are dressed in black
[23:32] docjpjr: there are black candles also on the furniture. Just two.
[23:32] docjpjr: There is no other light
[23:33] docjpjr: There is a woman on the bed
[23:34] docjpjr: She is screaming. And then my attention shifts and I am the baby inside her being born. And I realize I am being born like I am an adult mind in a baby's body.
[23:34] docjpjr: And everything is horrible. All the thoughts are dark. I am screaming in pain.
[23:36] docjpjr: And that is when the good witch appears and talks to me. I feel good about it then. But I don't know why. It is getting to the point where I don't mind being born like that because she I think is making me believe it is ok.
[23:36] docjpjr: I do not really know why it is ok to be honest.
[23:36] docjpjr: That is all.
[23:37] theangrybanana: I need a minute, to try and understand
[23:37] docjpjr: See you think I am a crazy person now. [23:37] theangrybanana: no........... not at all


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