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Thursday, October 12, 2006


"I have found something in one book my order allowed me to read just recently. The email is too impersonal, but I'm afraid I don't have the time right now to do another video and this can't wait. Take a deep breath. Try to keep your mind clear. Relax. Then read the following word, and let me know exactly how you felt about it:


Hopefully this just sounds like I'm making no sense. If that's the case, my fears are unfounded and I apologize for making you worry. "

"The word AMUKTOR is very much like the name I had as a child. I never saw it spelled out but that is how it sounded. It was only used when I was young before I was a teenager. I was told it was a gypsy word for something strong. How do you know I was called this? Your video is very important to me. I added it to my youtube. I will watch it many times tonight. I will try to watch it instead of the dark videos. I thought you were an old man with a long beard until I saw it. You are very wise for a young person. I hope you and others can make more videos sometime. I hope it helps. Thank you! "
Dr Jochen Peiper, 12 October 2006


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