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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Coffee and Security

Cafe in America
I just buy new camera and I am trying to make films - this is my first time so sorry if it is not so interesting. I found this cafe where I stay now. I want to be safe so I will not say where it is.It has very good coffee which many places in America do not I think. You believe Starbucks is good? I love America just too much bad coffee :)Also do you notice music? It is French!!!

I Feel Safe Now
I am in a new city and even a new country now! I feel safe. As you can see I have security bars and gate. I am assured by the management that security is very important to them. They even have police officer in the building at all times!I put this up for those of you who email me and ask about my safety. A few days ago it was very bad but now I can walk in the sun and sleep well at night!Please if you know about AV you must tell me. I may be safe here but I had to travel around the world to get free. They must be stopped so I need your information if you have it please.I am sorry for the noise it is raining very badly here tonight. ...


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